CLIENTS SPEAK– Wondering How People Are Doing With Michael’s Neuromuscular Therapy?

Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip Pain Relief!

Eliminating Back, Neck, Shoulder and Migraine Pain!

Amazing Headache & Migraine Relief!

Back Pain, Headaches, and Migraine Relief!

No More Back Pain!

“I’ve seen Michael for back and neck pain related to working in front of a computer. Michael is a huge help in alleviating what was a chronic problem for me. Also, about a year and a half ago, I developed hip bursitis and was seeing a physical therapist with few results. I only made significant progress in rehabilitating my hip after receiving treatment from Michael.”
-Dr. Lois Davis PhD., Researcher, Santa Monica, CA

“Before my fiancée visited Michael Greenspan, her back was in chronic spasm and she suffered from constant headaches. After a short time of therapy, she is pain-free and can actually stand up straight. I strongly recommend Michael as a highly skilled professional.”
-Dr. Michael Gruning, Gruning Eyecare, Santa Monica, CA

“Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is a safe and highly effective method that can eliminate chronic back pain without having to prescribe drugs or resort to surgery.”
-Dr. Diane L. Goldwater, MD. Ph.D., Sports Medicine, Santa Monica, California

“As an avid tennis player (and over fifty) Michael Greenspan helps immensely to keep me injury free and on the courts daily! His expertise in muscle knowledge is far beyond the average practitioner or bodyworker as he helps me rapidly and successfully through numerous muscle strains and achy shoulders. I highly recommend Michael to all of my friends and fellow athletes!”
– Diane V. Allen, Owner 23rd Street Jewelers, Santa Monica, CA

“I am a person with chronic lower back and spine pain. I refuse to take drugs just to numb the pain. Every time I have a session with Michael, I come out of his office pain free and rejuvenated with a feeling of being lighter.”
-Paul Hortobagyi, General Manager, Georgian Hotel, Santa Monica, CA

“Michael, thank you so much for helping me get rid of my muscle pain. I have had massage and chiropractic for many years and I am really impressed by your ability to release the muscles so effectively. I love recommending you to people so they get the opportunity to be helped by a true healer and finally find relief they have been longing for. You’re the best!”
-Laurel Rosen, Director of Sales, The Lobster Restaurant, Santa Monica, CA

“I’ve had chronic back pain for years and was unable to work or sit for longer than 30 minutes at a time. After visiting chiropractors, professional trainers, and traditional therapists, I finally met Michael Greenspan. After a few consecutive sessions, my backache has been alleviated. If you have back discomfort, you need to see him!”
-Juliana Yoon, Financial Planner, West Los Angeles

“I have had recurring lower back problems and Michael’s work with me has generated great results-less pain and greater flexibility. His vast knowledge of the body and how it works never ceases to amaze me. I highly recommend him!”
-Mara Brown, Best selling author, TV talk show host & life coach to the stars, West Hollywood, CA

“One week before a golf tournament, I pulled a muscle in my back, neck, and shoulder that prevented me from exercising, and especially swinging a golf club. Michael worked on my pain twice and the problem was gone and I went on to win the golf tournament!”
-Spencer J. Smith Senior Loan Officer, Los Angeles, CA

“I suffered with back pain from a herniated disc for over 13 years and they told me I needed surgery but I really didn’t want to go that route. I tried physical therapy, chiropractors and pain killers yet none of that worked. Michael, I can’t express to you how much this has helped me… I am amazed at how much better my back and hips feel… and this is after just a few weeks!”
-Richard Morgan, 32, Physical Education Instructor, Los Angeles, CA

“I still can’t believe it… after trying so many different treatments I thought I’d never feel normal again. Your treatments not only got rid of my chronic back pain, but it also helped me eliminate other aches and pains like sciatica and neck pain… thanks again!”
-Stephanie Robinson, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“For 4 years I have been struggling with back pain. It is from my piriformis muscle and travels down to my toes. I have had X-rays, an MRI, physical therapy, inflammation medicine, pain medicine, new mattress, and on and on. I have been an avid exerciser, especially yoga. Since receiving neuromuscular massage, my pain is 95% gone and I no longer need any pain medications. Thank you Michael”
-Brian Grossman, Santa Monica, CA

“Life is stressful and it affects my body. I feel like flying after my neuromuscular massage! It’s not like any other treatment you’ve ever had. It awakens and releases spasms in your back you didn’t know you had!”
-Mary Young, 49, Prudential Real Estate Agent, West Los Angeles, CA

“After my car-accident, both my chiropractor and acupuncturist recommended neuromuscular massage therapy… He released muscle spasms in my back I didn’t know existed! I’ve continued to see Michael, knowing that without his aid, extensive knowledge of the body, and intuition about deep-rooted injuries, my recuperation would’ve been more difficult, painful, and time-consuming.”
-Alex Close, Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve tried Chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, seen many Physical Therapists who tried ice, heat, and exercise yet nothing eliminated my back pain like Michael’s neuromuscular massage therapy”
-Melissa Keane, 25, Massage Therapist, Santa Monica, CA

“Michael’s therapy is very effective and efficient. In just three sessions I felt almost total relief from very painful spasmodic tightening of muscles in my back, neck, and throat.”
-Sylvia Marks-Barnett, Labor Arbitrator, Venice, CA

“Michael has a keen ability to locate and relieve pain from hidden muscle areas contributing to my widespread back spasms and radiating pains down my arms and legs. After 1 session, I noticed an immediate improvement in my body posture. I could sit and walk with significantly less pain, with my movements feeling smooth and relaxed.”
-Virginia Incremona, Computer Programmer, Los Angeles, CA

“With scoliosis, Neuromuscular Therapy has kept me upright and walking. Finally, my tight, strained muscles can relax. Thanks Michael for your great work.”
-Maggie Flanigan-Smith, Los Angeles, CA